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MeTMi Uses Noetica Synthesys™ for Inbound Call Handling Across its European Contact Centre Operations

Noetica – A British company, developing software products for the global contact centre market, today announced that Italy-based MeTMi has deployed the latest version of its advanced call scripting, agent guidance and intelligent desktop solution – Synthesys™ – for its Voice & Web business unit.

Established over 30-years ago, MeTMi’s Voice & Web provides multi-language customer service and support on behalf of its clients, from four sites located in Italy, Spain, Austria and France. The company prides itself on understanding the specific needs of its client’s customers, providing them with a personalised, positive and effective experience when they call with an enquiry or need technical assistance.

Synthesys™ enables MeTMi to create often complex call scripts, which guide its contact centre representatives through every call in the most efficient way possible, maximising the volume of inbound calls that can be managed each shift. Using a single intuitive on-screen interface, the agents are prompted to ask the right questions at the right time, with all necessary information being captured. This approach improves first call resolution, as well as provides the client with the detail they need to follow-up with the customer if required.

For organisations such as MeTMi, that provide multi-language service and support (whether centralised or distributed), Synthesys™ offers a distinct advantage. Call scripts can be quickly and accurately translated from within the system, making it far more convenient and consistent to create and adapt any script whenever necessary.

Steven Brooks, states: “We first began working with MeTMi around 15-years ago and they were our first Italian customer, so we are delighted that it has chosen Synthesys™ for its Voice & Web business.” Brooks adds: “They join a rapidly expanding number of organisations throughout the UK, mainland Europe, South Africa, the U.S, and Australia, who entrust Noetica with their contact centre productivity.”

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About Noetica
Noetica provides cost effective, high-end contact centre productivity software. Its product range has been refined over its 24 years history, consistently remaining at the forefront of innovation in the contact centre technology space. By combining the rich functionality of its comprehensive agent productivity tools (Synthesys™), advanced outbound technology (SmartBound™) and comprehensive voice platform (NVP™), Noetica provides tailored solutions to suit any contact centre across industries.

Recently, Noetica has been challenging the traditional telephony model and is demonstrably able to provide PBX-free fully featured call centre telephony. The Noetica Voice Platform (NVP™) delivers the expected functionality – ACD, IVR, voice recording, quality management and billing – without the need for an enterprise PBX. Whether in a private cloud or on premise, this call centre pure play integrates seamlessly with Noetica`s Synthesys™ to radically cut the cost of delivering inbound, outbound and blended telephony. 

The company has recently launched a Skills & Ability Based Routing Engine (SABRE™) along two major new ground-breaking technologies for outbound calling: – LPD™: AI-oriented detection of all forms of answering machines or voicemail with high accuracy, no initial pause and 0% ‘false positives’, meaning 0% silent calls. – SNoDrop™: High performance predictive dialler with 0% dropped (abandoned) calls. 

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