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Noetica Once Again a Contact Centre Experience For the UK National Innovation Awards

Noetica – A British company, developing software products for the global contact centre market, today announced that it is a finalist for the prestigious UK National Innovation Awards 2023 in the Contact Centre Experience category. This year the company has been shortlisted for its development of a new technology that enables contact centres to be much more precise and agile in their targeting of proactive outreach activities through highly visual and generally accessible methods of data segmentation.

The UK National Innovation Awards is a prestigious recognition programme, founded in 2016 by Directors Club United Kingdom, to celebrate new technologies and their impacts on customer experience, operational performance and employee wellbeing.
Noetica won a UK National Innovation Award when the programme was last run in 2021. In partnership with Avoira, Noetica won the Remote Employee Productivity & Performance category for its work developing a direct proprietary interface which integrates Xdroid’s machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) powered voice analytics with Noetica’s contact centre software platform.

In 2019, the company was a finalist in the Blending Human and AI category of the awards, for its solutions that use AI and other techniques to automate the repetitive and non-productive aspects of the contact centre agent role, enabling them to focus on engaging with the customer.

Chief Commercial Officer at Noetica, Steven Brooks, states: “It is particularly special whenever Noetica is recognised for innovation, as it has been the cornerstone of our operations since day one. From pioneering no-code/low-code call scripting in the 1990s with Synthesys™, to developing internationally patented predictive dialling technology in the 2000s. More recently the introduction of our Live Person Detection (LPD™) has changed the game for compliant outbound contact centre operations, by eliminating silent calls.”

“Since we began in 1997 our commitment has always been to continually evolve, develop and deliver new innovations that respond directly to the needs of contact centres to achieve more.”

Steven Brooks, Managing Director, Noetica.

An example of enabling contact centres to be more productive and profitable is Noetica latest innovation – SABRE™. This Skills & Ability Based Routing Engine is estimated to deliver revenue gains of 15-25%. It does so by continuously assessing and scoring agent performance and automatically routing calls based on these results and the call type, to ensure the best outcome each day every day.

The winners of the UK National Innovation Awards for Contact Centre Experience & Insight will be announced on 9th May 2023.

About Noetica

Noetica provides cost effective, high-end contact centre productivity software. Its product range has been refined over its 24 years history, consistently remaining at the forefront of innovation in the contact centre technology space. By combining the rich functionality of its comprehensive agent productivity tools (Synthesys™), advanced outbound technology (SmartBound™) and comprehensive voice platform (NVP™), Noetica provides tailored solutions to suit any contact centre across industries.

Recently, Noetica has been challenging the traditional telephony model and is demonstrably able to provide PBX-free fully featured call centre telephony. The Noetica Voice Platform (NVP™) delivers the expected functionality – ACD, IVR, voice recording, quality management and billing – without the need for an enterprise PBX. Whether in a private cloud or on premise, this call centre pure play integrates seamlessly with Noetica`s Synthesys™ to radically cut the cost of delivering inbound, outbound, and blended telephony. 

The company has recently launched a Skills & Ability Based Routing Engine (SABRE™) along two major new ground-breaking technologies for outbound calling: – LPD™: AI-oriented detection of all forms of answering machines or voicemail with high accuracy, no initial pause and 0% ‘false positives’, meaning 0% silent calls. – SNoDrop™: High performance predictive dialler with 0% dropped (abandoned) calls. 

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