White’s Wholesale is a national food & drink distributor. Its customer base consists of thousands of shops, bars and restaurants spread all across the country. Each one of them is expected to place regular weekly, biweekly or monthly orders for items that they may be running low on. Each Monday morning, White’s Wholesale sends automated emails and SMS messages to customers that are due to place orders that week. 

Unsurprisingly, the call centre gets flooded with calls on Mondays and Tuesdays and customers find themselves waiting on the line for long periods to speak to an agent, wasting precious time they could be spending tending to their businesses. When they eventually get to speak to an agent, they try to end the call as quickly as possible so they can return to the demands of their busy jobs. There is precious little time to discuss any new products or offers that White’s Wholesale may have on at that time.

White’s Wholesale change their process, so that instead of reminding customers to place their orders, inform them that their orders are due that week and that they will call them to take their order and inform them of any offers or new product lines.

Additionally, they provide a link to the website where customers can select their desired time slot that may be available for the call during the week. As time slots fill up, customers will be directed towards slots later in the week.

Using Noetica’s APIs, the website designers can automatically insert call requests into the dialler for the specific time slots requested by the customer. Customers that omit to make a time slot request will be called during such times when no calls are scheduled, filling the gaps. Inbound calls are also handled using the inbound/outbound blending feature of Noetica’s platform.

As a result, customers can plan their time and receive a call at a time convenient to them. They don’t need to waste time waiting in a call queue and will be much more receptive to special offers or new product lines that agents are able to discuss with them. This increases sale values and vastly improves the customer experience at the same time.