Meadwright Motors is a national group of garages offering regular service and maintenance for motor vehicles. They have a pretty good idea of the dates when service or roadworthiness tests are due for each one of their customers’ vehicles. A few weeks prior to these dates, they send emails and SMS messages to their customers asking them to book an appointment for service at one of their garages. So far so good.

Despite the ability to book online, most drivers are calling in, in order to describe any particular issues with their vehicles that may require particular attention during the service, asking for estimates of cost, timing or duration of the works. This clogs up their phone lines and causes long waits and frustration for their customers.

Meadwright Motors change their initial email and SMS messages to state that “We will be calling you within the next 48 hours to book your appointment and discuss any special requirements. The number we’ll be calling you from is 01234 567 890. Please don’t call unless you haven’t heard from us over the next couple of days.”

Using Noetica’s campaign management they can now not only send the initial email or SMS messages but automatically follow these up with timely and efficient phone calls. They can blend these with servicing a much-reduced volume of inbound calls and automate the number and timing of attempts for customers that cannot be reached with the initial call.

As a result, customers feel they receive the individual treatment they expect, have no need to wait in a queue to speak to an agent and enjoy a gratifying customer experience which would make them much more likely to stay with Meadwright Motors for years to come.