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Noetica Finalist for ContactCenterWorld 18th Annual Global Top Ranking Performers Awards

Noetica announced today that it has been selected as a finalist for the ContactCenterWorld 18th Annual Global Top Ranking Performers Awards.

This year, the company has been shortlisted for its development of a new technology that enables contact centres to be much more precise and agile in their targeting of proactive outreach activities, through highly visual and generally accessible methods of data segmentation.

Chief Product Officer & Chairman of Noetica, Danny Singer, comments on the company’s success in 2023: “The customer experience does not start at the point when a customer contacts a brand. In today’s competitive markets, the growing expectation is that organisations should be able to anticipate customers’ needs and get in touch with them long before they even consider picking up the phone or sending an email.” Singer adds:

“Noetica’s latest innovation demystifies this ’dark art’ and empowers inexperienced users to easily and simply make sophisticated selections from large and complex data repositories.”

Steven Brooks, Chief Commercial Officer, Noetica.

Noetica previously won a coveted ContactCenterWorld Top Ranking Performers Gold Medal in 2020. The company was recognised for best Contact Centre Technology Innovation, following the ground-breaking launch of its SABRE™ (Skills & Ability Based Routing Engine), Live Person Detection (LPD™) solution, and the integration of its contact centre and telephony solution platform with machine learning and artificial intelligence powered real-time voice analytics.

Finalists for the Annual Global Top Ranking Performers Awards will present to judges at the ContactCenterWorld ‘Next Generation Contact Center & CX Best Practice’ conference.

For more information about the ContactCenterWorld 18th Annual Global Top Ranking Performers Awards visit:

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