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Noetica Partners with Talkdesk to Deliver Advanced Outbound Dialling and Campaign Management Solutions

Noetica, today announced a new partnership with Talkdesk®, Inc., a global AI-powered contact center leader for enterprises of all sizes, with the launch of Talkdesk Advanced Dialer. This partnership will enable businesses to seamlessly leverage Noetica’s feature-rich outbound engagement in connection with their Talkdesk CX CloudTM platform. 

This new partnership provides enterprises with greater access to the capabilities they need to remain agile and flexible in response to today’s evolving customer needs. The new Talkdesk Advanced Dialer delivers all modes of dialing, including high-performance predictive dialing whilst ensuring strict compliance with national regulatory regimes around the world, such as TCPA in the U.S. and Ofcom in the UK.

The Talkdesk Advanced Dialer, in partnership with Noetica, is tightly integrated into the wider Talkdesk product portfolio, delivering much more value than a stand-alone dialer. A distinctive visual method for data segmentation takes advantage of the built-in marketing automation features and data exchange capabilities to deliver high impact campaigns, maximizing contact rates and minimizing wasted or untimely calls. 

“Working in close partnership with Talkdesk has delivered a seamless integration of Noetica’s state-of-the-art outbound capabilities within the AI-driven Talkdesk CX Cloud solution. Talkdesk’s customers will now benefit from an end-to-end contact center solution capable of delivering the most advanced forms of communication across all channels, including outbound”

Danny Singer, Founder & Chief Product Officer, Noetica.

“With the addition of Noetica’s technologies to Talkdesk, businesses can now quickly and easily leverage best-in-class outbound dialing technology into their contact center solution to further enhance the experiences they provide their customers and leverage those experiences to create a competitive advantage in the market,” said Tiago Paiva, chief executive officer and founder, Talkdesk. 

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