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Would You Keep Harry Kane in Your Team? Call Centres Need to Manage Form Too

Ask anyone with an interest in football to name the best forwards in the Premier League and the chances are most will include Harry Kane. He has been a phenomenal goal scorer for Tottenham and England but so far this season (at the time of writing) his league tally is a single goal. So, do you play him for the full 90 minutes regardless, leave him on the bench, or give him some minutes to improve his form?

Knowing the strongest team to field is one of the biggest challenges for any manager, whether you are Antonio Conte at Spurs or are running a call centre. One of many differences however is that call centre managers do not have the same opportunities to assess form on the training ground. What is more, they only want a team of top goal scorers. 

The problem is that there are many different variables that can have an impact on an agent’s performance – they may be unwell, have worries that are distracting them from the task at hand, they are not a morning person, they are suffering a crisis of confidence, or are struggling with a certain skill.

As most contact centre managers and team leaders are responsible for a ‘squad’ much larger than a Premier League team it can be difficult to know who is scoring. This is where new technology can help, by continuously assessing the performance of agents in real-time and only passing the ball (calls) to the ‘players’ that are scoring lots of goals. In taking this approach the manager can have total confidence that the best players at that given time are getting the most opportunities to succeed.

To learn more about this new approach to managing form in the contact centre, take a close look at SABRE™ and its dynamic skills and ability-based routing engine from Noetica, that is estimated to deliver revenue gains of 15-25%.

Steven Brooks, Managing Director, Noetica