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In these pages you will find some examples of market segments where Synthesys™ has proven most popular and where we can demonstrate through case studies, press releases and customer testimonials that Noetica's product range has been able to create some genuine success stories. Please click on any of the links below to see how Synthesys™ has helped others in your industry.

Synthesys™ is deployed across a wide range of market segments as it is a generic customer contact suite and is designed to apply horizontally across all verticals. As long as an organisation is involved in regular and intensive contact with customers and prospects usually by means of a contact centre, Synthesys™ is most likely to be the best technology option in terms of flexibility, ease of use and value for money.

Freeway UK

Time Warner
The Daily Telegraph
Trans Am
Direct Wines

Summitt Energy
A1 Comms
The Collinson Group
Paladino S.A.
Call It Automotive
Food for the Poor